Moving Checklists

Jan 09, 2020

Here are printable checklists that are essential for moving and packing. curtesy of Martha Stewart.

Moving Timeline

The road is always easier if you’re traveling with a good map. Knowing when to get things done — and in what order — will put your mind at ease when the details of a big move threaten to overwhelm you.

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Tips for Successful Packing

A bit of organization and forethought not only makes packing easier, it makes unpacking a breeze as well.

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Essential Packing Supplies

Arm yourself with the right tools and materials to ensure your packing goes smoothly.

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How to Pack a Box

Don’t let your personal items get harmed during the moving process. Taking time to pack correctly can save you heartache down the road.

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Print our moving box labels on self-adhesive paper to keep all of your packed belongings in order.

How to Pack Household Goods

From electronic equipment to lamps, certain items require special attention.

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How to Pack Kitchenware

Delicate china, glassware, and appliances will need some TLC to reach their destination safely.

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Packing a First-Night Box

It’s the end of moving day. You’re exhausted but happily at home in your new location and looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Now, where did you put that toothbrush…

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