These are but a few of the many customers WOODSRITE ENTERPRISES have been proud to serve over the past twenty-seven years:

Astaphan’s Fabrics
Brimstone Hill National Fortress
Creole Graphics
Department of Agriculture – St. Kitts
DDB Designs
East Caribbean Central Bank
Huggins Auto Services
Island Hopper & Caribelle Boutique
Kassab Hardware
Monsterrat Plastics
Royal Bank of Canada
Scotia Bank
Walls-Deluxe Bookshop

WOODSRITE ENTERPRISES have provided our services to the following development projects
in the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis:

Basseterre Fisheries Complex
-thru its contractors Kitano Construction & Capital Signal
East Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Headquarters, St. Kitts
-thru its contractors Johnson International
Nevis Electricity Company (NEVLEC)
-thru its suppliers Vasaspedition, Finland
St. Kitts Scenic Railways