The movement of valuables could be a rather stressful exercise.

WOODSRITE ENTERPRISES relieve you of that burden. No item is too small. No item is too large. For Packing and Crating Services in St. Kitts WOODSRITE ENTERPRISES are Number One.

WOODSRITE ENTERPRISES adhere to the highest standards in our packaging. No assignment is too small for us to ensure that it receives personalised attention from our experienced and capable team.

WOODSRITE ENTERPRISES use top grade packing materials such as bubble and shrink-wrapping; custom sized packing boxes, custom-built crates, nylon and metal strapping. All this is done to ensure that your valuables have a safe arrival at their final destination.

Some of the items WOODSRITE ENTERPRISES have packed and crated include, but were not limited to, electronic equipment, paintings, household and office furniture, mirrors, marble, antiques, manufactured parts and motorcycles.

You have the option of choosing between having us pack your items at your location or you can drop them off to be packaged at our handling facility.