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Cuthbert Woods

Cuthbert Woods Accepting “First Clients” Recognition

Woodsrite Enterprises is a family owned and managed company that prides itself on providing the personalized service that you expect and deserve. Woodsrite Enterprises believe in forming partnerships with our customers by being attentive to their needs. Listening is a key ingredient in a good relationship. Our experienced personnel have the answers to your questions and the solutions to your problems.

IN 1975 CUTHBERT WOODS ESTABLISHED WOODSRITE ENTERPRISES. Not content to be merely a ‘document processor’ the services were expanded to provide cargo handling & delivery services to commercial and private customers.

WOODSRITE ENTERPRISES now operates a fleet of cargo handling and delivery vehicles that cater to various types of goods.

WOODSRITE ENTERPRISES ventured into the arena of shipping agency with its appointment as the agent and representative of an inter-island cargo vessel, the MV Kiwi and has represented a fleet of similar ships over the years.

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We handle all your arrangements from Ship to Shelf and Vice Versa.

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